Advanced Sound Design (SDA)

Advanced Sound Design (SDA)

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If you already have a solid understanding about synthesis and you are looking for a way to improve your sounds, this course is for you. The goal here is to get you going with advanced and innovative types of processes such as Granular, Spectral, Physical Modelling and the exciting worlds of Additive Sound-Design.
You will learn how to use a wide range of different processing techniques and dive deep into the core of sound. Once you are there, the possibilities are pretty amazing!

All of the techniques are shown using a variety of different plugins, which makes the course more about the synthesis methods involved and less about the tools themselves. This also enables you to choose the plugins that best fit your workflow.
All of the lessons are accomodated with plenty of excersises, which helps you to put these more advanced topics into practice, and hopefully inspire new ideas!

After the course you will be able to:

- Master sound-design at a core level
- Analyse and understand sounds from all genres
- Understand Advanced Synthesis techniques and concepts
- Understand texture and expression; bring your sounds to livezz
- Apply the learned techniques in new exciting ways
- Create with intent and precision

What You Learn in Sound Design Advanced (SDA)
- FM Synthesis
- Sample Manipulation
- Granular Synthesis
- Additive Synthesis
- Spectral Processing
- Creating Original Sounds

- No Specific DAW Required
- Educational discount on most plugins required for class
- This is an Online Video Course only

Featured Plugins:
- Madrona Labs Kaivo (Granular & Physical Modelling Synthesis)
- NI Komplete (FM & Granular Synthesis)
- Serum (Basic Additive Synthesis)
- Alchemy (Various)
- Soundmagic Spectral (Spectral Processing)
- AAS (Physical Modelling Synthesis)
- iZotope Iris (Spectral Processing)